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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Slickee Boys - Here To Stay (320Kbps) [1982]

Intro (Wiki)

Here to Stay compiles all five Slickee Boys 7"s from 1976–1981 (plus one previously unreleased song—"Kids"). It was released by the German label Line Records with a catalog number of LLP 5170. It includes cover versions of songs originally recorded by Perry Como (by way of the Downliners Sect), the Rokes (and the Grass Roots—the Slickees combined the two versions), Vince Taylor, the Yardbirds, the Hangmen, the Chocolate Watchband, as well as the theme from the film Exodus. According to the liner notes for Mersey, Mersey Me, Talking Heads

had dropped the song "Girls Want to Be With the Girls" from their repertoire but re-visited it after hearing the Slickees' version, which beat the Talking Heads version to vinyl by months.

Some of these songs were later re-recorded for their 1985 album, Uh Oh… No Breaks! (including "Kids", re-titled "When We Were Kids").

Album info (Discogs)

Label: Line Records
Catalog#: LILP 4.00081 J
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, White
Country: USA
Released: 1982
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, New Wave

01. "Glendora" – 2:42 (Ray Stanley)
* Originally recorded by Perry Como, 1956; also recorded by the Downliners Sect, 1966
02. "Golden Love" – 3:47 (Kim Kane)
03. "Forbidden Alliance" – 2:30 (Mark Noone, Marshall Keith)
04. "Put a Bullet Thru the Jukebox" – 2:15 (Kane, Jim Testa)
05. "Let's Live for Today" – 2:45 (Giulio Rapetti, Norman David Shapiro, Ivan Mogull, Michael Julien)
* Originally recorded by the Rokes (as "Piangi Con Me"), 1966; also recorded by the Grass Roots, 1967
06. "Girls Want to Be With the Girls" – 2:37 (David Byrne)
* Originally recorded by Talking Heads, 1978
07. "Heart On" – 3:23 (Howard Wuelfing)
08. "Here to Stay" – 4:15 (Noone)
09. "Porcelain Butter Kitten" – 2:35 (Kane)
10. "Brand New Cadillac" – 2:03 (Vince Taylor)
* Originally recorded by Vince Taylor and His Playboys, 1959
11. "Psycho Daisies" – 2:09 (Jeff Beck, Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Jimmy Page, Keith Relf)
* Originally recorded by the Yardbirds, 1966
12. "Manganese Android Puppies" – 2:10 (Kane)
13. "What a Boy Can't Do" – 2:32 (Tom Guernsey)
* Originally recorded by the Hangmen (as "What a Girl Can't Do"), 1966
14. "Theme from Exodus" – 1:53 (Ernest Gold; arrangement: Keith)
* Originally in the film Exodus, 1960
15. "Gotta Tell Me Why" – 4:09 (Noone)
16. "The Brain That Refused to Die" – 3:15 (Kane, Emery Olexa, Noone, Dan Palenski, Keith)
17. "(Are You Gonna Be There at The) Love-In" – 6:15 (Ethon McElroy, Donald Bennett)
* Originally recorded by the Chocolate Watchband, 1967
18. "Kids" – 3:13 (Kane, Olexa, Noone, Palenski, Keith)

The band
* Kim Kane — Rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, Wanktone lead, bracelet, strangled parrot
* Emery Olexa — Bass
* Mark Noone — Lead vocals, tambourine
* Dan Palenski — Drums, maracas, conga, back-up vocals
* Marshall Keith — Lead and rhythm guitar, Farfisa organ, back-up vocals

* Martha Hull — Lead vocals ("Brand New Cadillac", "Psycho Daisies", "Manganese Android Puppies", "What a Boy Can't Do", "Put a Bullet thru the Jukebox", "Let's Live for Today", "Girls Want to Be With the Girls", "Heart On")
* Andy von Brand — Bass ("Brand New Cadillac", "Manganese Android Puppies", "What a Boy Can't Do", "Theme from 'Exodus'")
* Chris Rounds — Drums ("Brand New Cadillac", "Psycho Daisies", "Manganese Android Puppies", "What a Boy Can't Do", "Theme from 'Exodus'")
* Thomas Kane — Bass ("Psycho Daisies")
* Howard Wuelfing — Bass, vocals ("Put a Bullet thru the Jukebox", "Let's Live for Today", "Girls Want to Be With the Girls", "Heart On")

Guest musicians
* Andy Charneco — Kalimba
* Don Zientara — Back-up vocals ("Let's Live for Today")

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This is a "Twin-Entropy" release.

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