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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jad Wio - Cellar Dreams (160Kbps) [1986]

Some history

Formed1982, France
MembersDenis Bortek (vocals, guitar, 1982-present), Christophe K-Bye (guitar, chorus, 1982-present), Tristan Abgrall (guitar, bass, keyboard), Louko (drum), Alice Botté (guitar), Charly Doll (drum), Nicolas Mingot (guitar), Le Baron (guitar, keyboard), Gangster (bass), Serge Cortin (bass), Arnaud Dieterlen (drum), Jonathan Handelsman (flute, saxophone), Florent Kirschmaier (guitar), Christian Montémagni (guitar), Walter Weir (guitar), Thomas Bloch (keyboard), Frédéric Gaillardé (keyboard), Véga (drum), Christophe Schwob, Paul Wallfish (piano), Michal (bass)

Bortek invented Jad Wio at the dawn of the eighties. From a projected novel he retained the main character – Jad Wiolensky – whose name he abbreviated and whose mask he assumed. A first, very confidential and self produced cassette, "L'un Seul", was distributed before the group found the right balance with Kbye entering the lists: Jad Wio would be a two-headed hydra. As of the first concerts – 1983, 1984: guitars, vocals, tapes and machines – the duo established its exceptional style and stirred up batcave hordes and electric birds of all feathers. Obsessions for the bizarre and the marginal from the outset: Jad Wio couldn't be categorised. Between 1985 and 1986 three EPs were released – "The ballad of Candy Valentine", "Colours in my dreams" and "Aubade à Simbad" – which were brought together on "Cellar Dreams", an anthology of Jad Wio phase one. Were mixed, with of a touch of the cold and dark tones of yore, rock and roll fascination and oriental reminiscences. Without letting up, Jad Wio flaunted it on stages in France and singing mainly in English throughout Europe. Experiences which would inform the atmospheres and themes of the next album to come: "Contact". more @ Here

Album info (Discogs)
Catalog#: Gar 009 CD
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: France
Released: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave, Goth Rock

1 You're Gonna Miss Me 4:48
2 Taiba 4:01
3 Bugs 4:03
4 Walk In The Sky With Diamonds 4:15
5 Colors In My Dreams 6:36
6 Cellar Dance 4:16
7 The Ballad Of Candy Valentine 5:16
8 Young Girl 4:01
9 Rhythm'n Box Bunny 4:44
10 Paint It Black 4:22
11 Aubade A Simbad 3:39

Recorded at Garage Studios. Track 1 originally by 13th Floor Elevators, Track 10 originally by The Rolling Stones. Cat.# only appears on the cd-matrix.

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This is A "DON'T PANIC" Release.

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This is quality release! If you like it, buy it to support artist.



Anonymous,  February 5, 2012 at 4:50 AM  

you mean quality at 160k ?
you must be joking..

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