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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Dubrovniks - Fireball Of Love (7" 320Kbps) [1988]

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No matter how much thorough I searched, I've found only few refferences on this single. It's the first of "The Dubrovniks" and one of the rarest singles (in vinyl) of this music scene. Probably many of you know it very well and numerous of you have it in your vinyl collection. I consider this single as one of the diamonds of the alternative, independent, australian punk-rock music scene.

PLS PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAVE A HOT-HOT-HOT SUMMER...

History (Wiki)
The Dubrovniks are an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1987.[1] The band's name was coined from the fact that founding members Roddy Radalj and Boris Sujdovic were born in Dubrovnik, a town in Croatia. Both Radalj and fellow founder James Baker had been founding members of Hoodoo Gurus (as Le Hoodoo Gurus). All three had earlier associations in Perth, Western Australian punk scene.


The band were first established in August, 1986 when Radalj teamed up again with James Baker (by then ex-Beasts of Bourbon), together with Boris Sujdovic (ex-Rockets, The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon) and Peter Simpson (Spectre's Revenge) as the Adorable Ones. Within a year the Adorable Ones had renamed themselves the Dubrovniks in honour of the fact that Radalj and Sujdovic were both born in the historical Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The band having to change names as there already was a Brisbane band with that name.

Citadel issued the singles "Fireball of Love" b/w "If I Had a Gun" in April, 1988 and a cover of Alvin Stardust's "My Coo Ca Choo" b/w "Girls Go Manic" in November, 1988. By the time the band recorded and issued the single "Speedway Girls" b/w "Freezin' Rain" in June, 1989 and their debut album, Dubrovnik Blues in August, 1989, Radalj had moved on to form a new band, the Punjabbers, comprising Radalj, Brett Ford (drums; ex-Kryptonics, Lubricated Goat), Tony Robertson (bass; ex-The Hitmen, New Christs, Naked Lunch) and Tony Thewlis (guitar; ex-Scientists) The Punjabbers only had one release, a single "Rock'n'Roll Loveletter" on Timberyard Records in December, 1988. Radalj then formed The Surfin' Caesars and recorded several albums.

Chris Flynn (guitar, vocals; ex-Headstones) eventually replaced Radalj, and the band signed to Mushroom Records. The band's releases on Mushroom, both produced by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley, maintained the revved-up, trashy rock'n'roll tradition. Audio Sonic Love Affair released September, 1990 included the singles "She Got No Love" b/w "Got this Far" (June, 1990) and "Love is on the Loose" b/w "Something's not Right in the World" (October, 1990). Glenn Armstrong (guitar; ex-Horny Toads-Girlies) replaced Simpson in 1990, and the band issued Chrome in June, 1992. The album produced two singles, "Saigon Rose" (February, 1992) and "French Revolution" (June, 1992). In between albums, Baker and Sujdovic toured and recorded with Beasts of Bourbon. In early 1991, the two severed their commitments to the Beasts in order to concentrate on The Dubrovniks. Mushroom dropped the band in 1993. German label, Normal, issued Medicine Wheel in Europe, and Mushroom Distribution Services (MDS) distributed it in Australia.

The Dubrovniks broke up in 1995 with Baker returning to Perth, where he joined power pop band, Satellite 5, with John Rushin (vocals), Phil Bradley (guitar; ex-Jackals), Doug Thomas (guitar; ex-Dagoes, Spikes) and Howard Shawcross (bass; ex-Elks, Howard I Know, Jackals). Sujdovic went on to form a new band, Black Dirt, together with Flynn, Chris Collins and Paul Loughhead.


Alphabetical list:

  • Glenn Armstrong — guitar, backing vocals (1990–1994)
  • James Baker — drums, percussion (1988–1994)
  • Christopher Flynn — guitar, vocal (1989–1994)
  • Roddy Radalj — guitar, bass, vocals (1988–1989)
  • Peter Simpson — guitar, piano, vocals (1988–1990)
  • Boris Sujdovic — bass, guitar, vocals (1988–1994)



  • "Fireball of Love" (Sujdovic)[2] / "If I Had a Gun" (Baker, Simpson, Sujdovic, Radalj)[2] — (April 1988)[3][1]
  • "My Coo Ca Choo" (Peter Shelley)[2] / "Girls Go Maniac" (Radalj, Sujdovic)[2] — (November 1988)[3][1]
  • "Speedway Girls" (Sujdovic)[2] / "Freezing Rain" (Simpson, Sujdovic, Radalj)[2] — (June 1989)[3]
  • "Love is on the Loose Tonight" (1990)[3]
  • "French Revolution" (Flynn)[2] — (1992)[3]


  • Dubrovnik Blues (1989)
  • Audio Sonic Love Affair (1990)
  • Chrome (1992)
  • Medicine Wheel (1994)

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Sorry no clip of "Fireball Of Love" neither "If I Had A Gun"... so just enjoy "The Dubrovniks"


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This is A "DON'T PANIC" Release.

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