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Friday, August 7, 2009

Beatnik Termites - Pleasant Dreams (245Kbps VBR) [1997]

Album info & review:

In 1997, the Termites' recorded and released a cover of the entire Ramones' LP "Pleasant Dreams", reinventing it with their signature sugar-coated sound. The release was the last in a highly collectable series of Ramones cover LPs' originally issued as vinyl only on Clearview Records, covered by such bands as Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and Mr. T-Experience, among others. The Beatnik Termites' "Pleasant Dreams" was recorded with special guest on bass Ray Ahn from the Hard-ons, Australia's premier underground export. The "Pleasant Dreams" session was also the first complete Termites session recorded by highly acclaimed producer Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana Studios. As master of the control knobs, Giorgini would actualize for the band the recorded sound which the Termites had envisioned and been striving for. Giorgini later commented that the Termites' "Pleasant Dreams" session was one of the highlights of his professional recording career. The album won more praise from now longtime Termites supporter Marky Ramone, who when questioned on the multitude of Ramones' covers being released commented succinctly in Hit List Magazine #4 of the Termites "That cover LP I like. It was real good". The praise landed the Termites with an official nod from the Ramones in the liner notes of the Ramones own re-mastered version of "Pleasant Dreams" on Rhino Records. It seemed that everyone was hip to the Beatnik Termites!..

01. We Want The Airwaves
02. All's Quiet On The Eastern Front
03. The KKK Took My Baby Away
04. Don't Go
05. You Sound Like You're Sick
06. She's A Sensation
07. 7-11
08. You Didn't Mean Anything To Me
09. Come On Now
10. This Business Is Killing Me
11. Sitting In My Room

Produced & Engineered by Mass Giorgini
Recorded at Sonic Iguana, Lafayette, IN.
Prepared for CD reissue: unknown %

• Pat Kim - vocals & guitar
• Ray Ann - bass & backing vocals
• Reggie Silvestri - drums & backing vocals

Originally Released: 1997
CD Release Date: August 2, 2003
Label: Insubordination Records
Catalog No.: ISR-030

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This is a "Twin-Entropy" release.

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This is quality release! If you like it, buy it to support artist.



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